Phaçade: Of the World

by Phaçade

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released June 3, 2013



all rights reserved


Phaçade Somerville, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Phacade - Babblin' Babylon

Born with critical thinkin, I'm known babble
Known to travel the earths gravel, just to battle
Baby MC's that tattle, behind their castle
well I wreck your fort, take over ya saddle

and wreck ya horse, its never a hassle
Yall are cattle tassled by shackled dreams
I shine like headlights gassed like gasoline

Cash in Causually like casualities
Actually, graduate gradually,
and tower the amp like an ant under damp trees
you lose an arm and a leg like an amputee

I'm the man you see, So I damn yo dream
I speed up pass yo team like methamphetomine
Get in car crash and wreck yo scene
endorphines erupt when I rhyme supreme

so I learned spit, and smoke cats like fiends
had it mastered, it left me plastered like E
MC's I rince, all of em I lathered clean
The Ice became colder as I gathered cream

Like morphine shootin money up my sleeve
I follow the seed like adam and eve
And become half the G, that I be
Had I seen What I'd be, I'd repeat
never retreat, Cant remember defeat

So I severe left feet
cause in the dance of life, you know that chance is trife
so you cheat death quick, fuck with cancers wife
and keep askin questions til the answers right

Born a man with rights, but I'ma die with none though
Not a man of violence but Ima go out gungho
I dunno nor care for that cats that run dough
They killed us all fast, but torured us dumb slow

[Its where my funds go, I ash the past to carryon
My boys battle on in babblin babylon] 4x
Track Name: Phaçade of the World
I love cold winter days, flakes snowin like crazy
Fleece on, T's on a kangol peice on
Yall brothas sleep on, get 350 z's on just like nissan
neon like the eightys, pay me now
ask how, I'll say fuck you
buck you who flew over the cuckcoo
AH choo, bless you. um who? just two
MC's above you, Gemini ego
He know I am double the average negros
nevermind heros- straight villen at heart
If ya limbs want a piece I'll tear em apart
We live inside a day and age, where infants hold razor blades
men like to date and rape, crops rot and drop away
Its a facade state, i hate my day to day
Have em made to say, if Adams made of clay
and I came Cain, Then my mark of shame?
Is the mark of the beast, son was raised in the east
I met this shawty once she raised in the street
She never thought I peeped she be discrete
She preached to be a lady think a like man
the little engine couldn't thinkin that she can
after like, matters strike
karma had her life like slaves that captured whites
its like die in might or BLOW like dynamite

Faced many odds, plenty broads and girls
Put my world in a wind nevermind the world
Ties my soul to a bind, break free with bars
its all phacade[2x]

Phacade of the world [4x]

Fake men depend on love, I never needed that
cheaters lack, empathy know ya never leavin that
Fuck that, lucky i even invite her back
While she's was a slut I wrote this title track
and might go back in time, like black folk rhymes
The Hip hop game died cause everyone signed
Records labels are evil, shouldn't be legal
The contracts are poisons, our songs are the needles
I trap rats in, aand cap the weasels
Rebuild the art from start with a canvas and easel
Ease in over the feeble reppin my people
you exercise ya right to get fucked like kegals
Need no guide, my zodiac need no sign
I'm a Wesley Snipes lookin, Nino type
But you can't see what I think, from my phenotype
DNA made by levi, best genotype

Faced many odds, plenty broads and girls
Put my world in a wind nevermind the world
Ties my soul to a bind, break free with bars
its all phacade[2x]

Phacade of the world [4x]

I know hype by look of it, like H dealers cookin it
or ex cops crookin it, thats why I booked a trip
like a book acid tabs, yo i gotta have it bad
We still crabs in bucket, that have no budget
trying to reach the top, when there is no summit
Too filled with shit, yo we bound to plummet
around the ruggid you bums live bound and suffered
So Everyone get down til the ground covered!
Track Name: High Fives
Ya checked ya phone for bout the third time this hour
How're we still stable you runnin like a coward
I know moneys power, it has spirits devoured
Devil bought your soul, and the block is buyin sour
no clean shower, instead ya making plays
Skipped lunch skipped our brunch and now your skippin dates
When I ask what you did yo, you treat me like a jake
Dude ate yo food and now you scrapin off my plate
Is it clear to your virgin mind, the game has you raped
great steaks, cant escape from your cage, can't take lies
Lots of close calls and short falls, so why I stay high
May I, save ya soul like de-la
Stop from the bricks forget trappin in the trailers
, if mozy, folks see po-lice on OC's
Sellin Opies, but have you arrested if you smoke trees
Slowly it put you the casket, homie
Mindstates dyslexic, you got it backwards homie
We used to throw high fives, now we throw fives to get high
If you know its not a lie then throw ya lye in the sky

...and its kinda like, and its sorta like, sometimes its like

Fun I'm often missin, often wishin, clearer vision
realer steerin fearin against bearin oppositions
But really I'm just pannin for a pot to piss in
to get my gist in, cause when I get my shit in
Its like a nuclear turd, it cause verbal fission
I'm blowin up slowly with every word that I'm dishin
it aint the same for my peers that didnt listen
lackin wisdom in the system, as a result they missin
Don't call it an insult I'm just lightly dissin
Smokin on your porch by the floormat, used to be the format
but now if it aint a play you ignore that
part of ya like the mafia- you extort cats
I want my boy back, but how do I restore that?
Track Name: Bostonian Hour
Dear diary, I ain't new to this planet
But I'm alienated daily, I try not to panic
The antics of my peers, tryin to call me queer
trying to spark fear, in my heart, though i fan it
Granted I fight back, my teachers might track
my parents and say Terrence might need alittle clearance
Day four, ya boy still wish he had more
A bigger hole in my pocket than a downtown whore
sure cash and pussy aint worth these petty stunts
I don't eat breakfast, I can't eat lunch, yea 1`
A bunch dicks try to take advantage of this
set an appointment with me but met my fists
Two years, same sneakers, same advice different teachers
Six and a half hours of listenin to these cowards
they say the poor consume and the rich devour
a new york minute to me is a bostonian hour
Oh man I'm still late, oh damn day eight
I fell for this girl hard, I talked her all night, I wanted her heart
I wanted a car, a nice house, a nice spouse
I probably kissed her once didn't touch her blouse
I loved her more than any, it was too good to be likely
I told her that I loved her she said she didn't like me
I think it just might be, a day in my life, the way I still strive
Twenty Two, Twenty three, Twenty four, Twenty Five
I have more time to think but less time for life
Trials and tribulations leave me tired and untitalated
they look at me like I'm crazy but Fuck its instigated
I'm like a dominatrix dominatin dominators
My boys stunt the blunt, its the way we save paper
the way we still waiver between person and statistic
They say we bound to fall down but I defy all physics
Lyrically exquisite, the soon to be star
Chillin at the spot, yo, smokin at the park
dead high, i move swiftly with the red eyes
I spit the force in my rhymes I'm phacade the jedi
Track Name: D.O.L.O
I like my nouns tucked sound, and my butts rounds
Front bound, babies, tell me who look young now?
I'll leave you rundown like shots from bucktown
I thought I fuckin sucked,*caplow* what now?
When it comes to these ki's? Try to get the cost right
Walk right, Talk like grown money talks like
Throw yo hands up you know whatta glocks like
Shut the fuck up if you seen what it sparks like
all's like alls' right, alright? lets go
Cade write, shock write, chin write, we wreck shows
end those shits quick by the episodess
And then go, hit big screen wit just a demo
They said just L 'em, I told em N-O
Hell no, men seldom share their endo
You faggots too cool, to know what we been thru
its' gettin hot in here, someone open up a window

Open up a window, a window and blow endo
it aint so simple[4x]
Live life yolo, be sure die Dolo[3x]
Die dolo, be sure to die so

Mo dough, mo funds, no gold, no guns
notions that I rock the stage golems
If this band japan call me the shogun
I roll one, smoke one as you die a slow one

*strong pull* you know cat try act tough, like they know shit, like they got nine lives
fuck sluts, fuck thugs fuck all those arbitrary standards value

We are in like Radons, strapped with a-bombs
a-larm the po' they know we trade arms
Our ammos our info, believe it like shinto
facto ipso, read my lips slow

Open up a window, a window and blow endo
it aint so simple[6x]
Live life yolo, be sure die Dolo[3x]
Die dolo, be sure to die solo
Track Name: Dig it
Urgin to tongue lash like virgins cum fast
uncast my shell to propell, leave you dumb last
dumb bass, you get sharked flung and stung fast
Trash I don't pass, I tap ass like drum class
until the fun lasts-
toke that blunt, sip that rum glass
fast cash for fast life, yea that's right
young and sober was my pastlife
Now drunk til im hung-over is my past time
Thought I told ya last time, cant' start games at half-time
When in desperation, say what crime?
instant seperation, know yours and know mine
Know rules, know fines they'll pay you no mind
Know why? A few jerks, aint worth no fight
Aint worth no work for mates that date for skirt
Name? age? Grade? Whats yo irks?
I hate fakes who claim faith, but crave a flirt
Turn beserk and Burn worms into the dirt
smirk, girls flock to the spot I lurk
A natural born star, Im burnin the earth
with herbs and green grass, I call it green gas
See that...

Can you dig it? Can I dig it? yea I'm diggin righhtt
Can you dig it? Can he dig it? yea I'm diggin it riiigghhtt

dismembering enemies by dismantlin memories
with energies that construct most entities
eventually I see that knowledge is key
some weed in my system is free-er than wisdom
The clearer my vison, from smogs of izm
in em, a venom, Good for the hero within em
Like the serpant did to eve: first crime against women
We battlin ever since, and evil is winnin
My Bank account's shit best believe im still grinnin
Find the good regardless cause only good gaurd us
Good God, shit! its the only good artist
Phacade at law, not even God could charge us
or Stop us, Stardust I spittin when I start up
The start of a martyr, Take over like Sean Carter
No prada, I aint a shopper, but i do sell product
Swing ya fingers like a chopper, throws those parts up
We part of a common breed, modern man's a modern beast
Honestly? Rather rap than model for a law degree
lyrics are immortal and rap is a part of me
Track Name: Skeemer
Hell yea I stay fucked up, I hide it when I'm touched up
You look broke with no stroke, I leave you brushed up
mush up dog much love to my dogs, Fuck the machine
I'm still stuck to the cogs, stuck inside the fog
the bright lights farther, so why do I bother
I'll write to the author, keep tryin til I'm bothered
Appeal what I feel until a deals offered
Harder never softer, cold until I'm hotter
ya dig yaself in holes like moles on cindy crawford
Yall like fake doctors wearin jackets and dockers
This boy a Foy Scholar, I do it proper
Good with a map, even better with a charter
Best game, I made hellen keller a talker
matta fact a screamer, Haters packed in the streamers
Still ripped this track, and rode off in a beamer
Track Name: Knotty Lines
A youth at heart, to start so all my art is classical* forever living
tragical for any rapper that's acts combatable
but aint compatible, Matta fact that shits laughable
Dont fuck with ya circle, I square up like radicle
Its straddlin, gatherin Mc's that I'm battlin
Patterns develop where I envolope badder men
I batter men, in caravhans and with a fleece and a pair a tims
grab your friends and leave em bankrupt like merril lynch
And thats when I sit back, attack and then have you lymched
Never better you could never measure even by the inchw
Burnin up like hyrdrogen, or niacin I might go in
buildin up on vitamins eatin Mcs by the by the win
Ancient spirits lyrics come out through my statements
adjacent to enemies my energy's chasin
Cravin blood, I'm like a thug mixed with satan
on Drugs, about to bug like Freddy fightin Jason

As a kid that used to spit, I've grown and started hockin
those slowing I tick, you besta get to talkin
Or I'll get to clockin, ya chickens go on bockin
my brains inane, Im Insane send me to arkum
Hawk em, block em take their cars where they park'd em
Evolvin past the need of carbon, my mind sharpens
Mc's strangled they fly like angels til you drop em
Pardon, I spit hot shit, cool off then harden
Throwin punches quick on strips I used to dodge em
A planet chargin for stardom, They gon' chase him til they got him
One problem: I wont let em
My heat shines until I melt em
Its fine but when I tell them
Either buy em or you sell them
They get hung up like a bitch, like a witch by a pilgrim
And seldom, give respect til a tech up to their melon
I'm no felon, I'm villen but fella heres the truth
If you wanna here the news then be ready for the blues

Forget the gossip [spit what I spit] heres some news fa ya
If ya snooze ya lose heres the blues fa ya
Track Name: Grown
I'm grown ass rapper, bad to the bone*essential
No phone, no clapper, when hands are thrown
I'm grown ass nigga, pull that trigga, pour that liquor
take no pictures

I'm grown ass rapper, bad to the bone
No phone, no clapper, when hands are thrown
I'm grown ass nigga, pull that trigga, pour that liquor
take no prisoners

I've been grown since I've known my skin tone
in toe with Luther mix dreams with info
Been told to give up since I was little
Now Bigger I've grown to figure most them brittle
This star's bout to burst, taste my rainbow like skittles
Or fizzle under the whistles of my missles
Rap projectiles help project style
Ya mean ya rep gangs, get green I reptile
No more eatin my grains, I wont feed you cows
my dreams to enternain set scene and bow
Fiends will end ya reign believe no vows
Believe no lies, brotha not even an ounce
its the numbers you look over that actually count
Salaries bound wreck mate, bad choises ya been made
Lay yall to rest, the best kid has been paid
paper off my chest, call that shit a check mate

I'm grown ass rapper, bad to the bone
No phone, no clapper, when hands are thrown
I'm grown ass nigga, pull that trigga, pour that liquor
take no pictures

I'm grown ass rapper, bad to the bone
No phone, no clapper, when hands are thrown
I'm grown ass nigga, pull that trigga, pour that liquor
take no prisoners

To the lames, I Reign, this game I aint calling off
Fallen off, to no surprise you guys have gotten soft
Reality full capicity, no cotton swabs
That's why I spit dope without noddin off
and I spit sick, you might catch a cough
I have to win, so nigga catch a loss
Lara croft would get tossed by this boss
So besta get the catch, like R. Moss[both]
Ill so I'm shittin, if you pissin I'm winnin
Cuz I've seen in a vision politicians is trippin
Ichin to get in, its either you is or you isnt
That's why[ gremlins be trickin yo, not to mention
I spit sessions clenchin a weapon
a mic to strike those who steppin
those who's reppin beef, I strive to send their souls to heaven
too lucky I write lines in rows of sevens